This is where I show off my little collection from across the internet! I was a huge fan of Deviantart stamps back in high school and I was so happy to see them live on across the internet after their heyday. It's only natural that I would start ferreting away all kinds of other little shareable pictures, hehe. :P Hope you enjoy perusing my ever growing stash!
Some of these link back to their creators, others to wherever I found them. Some don't link out anywhere at all because I couldn't find a source. Sorry! I try to credit where I can.
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pastel pink photo of kitty paws line of alpacasso plushes close up pixel art of alpacasso face pastel pink photos of clouds heart symbol with an animated wave form design close up photo of jewel stickers over a pastel pink background animated turquoise and yellow stars over a light pink background repeating pattern of pastel planets white cat flying with a rainbow trail behind it close up image of cds gray-asexual flag with text reading 'gray asexual' animation of the genderfluid flag infinitely scrolling vertically